#Blogtober 2018 Day 1

Making more of an effort to blog in October

Blogging is an essential part of life as a wedding photographer. Some photographers love it and blog regularly but for many others it is a necessary evil. Although I love showing off my photography and getting the feedback from friends and family of the couples I’ve shot weddings for, blogging is time consuming and it’s a proper skill to get it right.

Apparently #Blogtober has been a thing for a few years. I don’t know the origins of it but I’m willing to bet it was someone’s bright idea to set themselves a personal challenge to blog more, they hash tagged it, someone else thought it was a good idea and it all blew up from there until I finally caught up with the masses and jumped on board.

So what is #Blogtober all about? Well it’s simply blogging every single day for the month of October. Blogtember would have been slightly easier with 30 days or even Bloguary with 28 days but no, it has to be a 31 day month. As much as I would love to, I just can’t see myself blogging 31 times throughout October so I’m setting myself a goal to just blog as much as I can this month. Luckily I have 3 weddings to blog this month, 2 that I’ve already photographed in September and 1 more that has yet to happen near the end of the month. So with this blog counting at the first, 3 of them to be weddings, that up to 27 more blogs to find some content for. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

So a wedding photographer’s blog really should include a few photos so here’s a little collection of a few from 2018’s weddings so far. I’m off for a coffee in to hope of getting inspiration for tomorrow’s blog.