Frequently Asked Questions


I generally receive about 100+ enquiries a year about providing photography for someone’s wedding. The majority of these enquiries are from people that have already had a browse around my website so they are simply asking about my availability for their particular wedding date. I have my package prices freely available on my website but there are sometimes a few other things that people would like to know before committing to booking or even having a consultation. To help people find these answers for themselves, I’d picked out a few of the more frequently asked questions and provided an answer for them

We love your work and would love to book you. How do we do that?

That’s awesome! Just fill in the contact form to send me your details and we’ll take it from there. We can arrange to meet up for a chat or arrange everything via e-mail. Whichever suits you best. To actually book, you ‘ll need to fill in the online booking form and agree to the terms and conditions then make a payment of the deposit to secure your date.

When do we need to reserve our date?

The sooner the better really. Once you’ve set a date and booked a venue then booking your photographer shouldn’t be too far behind. I only ever book 1 wedding per day and no more than 2 in a week so I work on first come, first served basis. Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to book I’ll send you a link to an online booking form and payment details for the deposit. Once they’re sorted you can move on to planning all the other details of your wedding day.

Can we meet up to discuss the plans for our wedding?

With so much information available online a lot of couples are now happy to discuss everything via e-mail without an in-person meeting. I reply to all e-mails as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. However knowing that you’ll get along with your wedding photographer on your big day is very important so if you do want to meet up then I usually suggest meeting up at the Tickled Trout Hotel at J31 of the M6 as it is local to me, easy for most people to get to and it keeps things casual ao we can chat about anything you want.

How many photographs will we receive from our wedding day?

It’s impossible to answer with any certainty as every wedding is different however from a full day wedding from bridal preparations through to the first dance it is usual to receive 500+ photos. Busier or larger weddings may receive more but smaller or quieter weddings may receive slightly less. Whatever the quantity of photos, I always aim to deliver the highest quality possible.

Will you be the one shooting the wedding?

Yes!! You are hiring Rob Georgeson Photography to shoot your wedding so it is myself, Rob Georgeson that will be the primary photographer for your wedding.

Do you have an assistant or second shooter to work with you?

Yes, I offer a second photographer as standard with each of my photography packages. I have a pool of very accomplished wedding photographers to choose from as my assistants so if you would prefer either a male or female second shooter to accompany me then feel free to mention it at the time of booking.

Have you shot at my venue before?

Although I have photographed weddings at dozens of different churches, registry offices, hotels, restaurants, parks and marquees, I certainly haven’t covered every possible venue in the region. However, I see that as a good thing. Shooting at new venues provides inspiration for more creativity and more motivation to find something new and different. So if I haven’t shot at the venue you are planning to have your wedding you can be assured that I will still provide complete coverage of your day at the highest quality.

Is it possible to see a full set of wedding photos from start to finish?

Of course it is and rather than me send you my most recent or favourite wedding, if you have a look in the client area of my website and let me know which one(s) you’d like to see then I can send you the password to the full gallery.

What kind camera and other equipment do you use?

I am currently using Canon cameras and lenses. My camera bodies are a Canon 5D Mk3 and a 5D Mk4 as well as several quality prime lenses and flashes and back-up equipment to cover any accidental loss or damage. Professional photography is certainly more than just having the proper equipment but it doesn’t hurt to have a bag full of expensive toys to play with. I also have full Professional Indemnity Insurance just in case any accidents happen.

Do you edit all our photographs?

Yes, I do! Every image that you receive has been edited by myself, one at a time. This is the reason why your photos will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to be delivered after the wedding. I provide a selection of both colour and black & white images.

Can you hold the date for me?

As mentioned in the one of the answers above, a date is only secured once the booking fee has been paid and the contract signed. I can pencil in a date for you and let you know if another couple are interested in the same date but booking is on a first come, first served basis.

Can you provide Videography as well as Photography?

I’m afraid I only provide photography. Videography is a very different skill set and not one that I have practiced however I do know a number of very talented videographers if you would like any recommendations.

If you have any further questions about my photography, weddings or the booking process, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to provide an answer.