Ann & Tom's Engagement

Next month Ann and Tom will be getting married at The Marriot Hotel in Preston so in advance of their big day we arranged an Engagement Photoshoot for them at Miller and Avenham Parks in Preston. After a couple of postponed attempts to have this photoshoot on previous weekends due to bad weather we were lucky this time round as we had a nice dry day and the sun even tried to make an appearance. Wandering round the parks in their coordinated blue outfits, Ann and Tom showed how in love they are as they happily relaxed together and made each other smile for the photos. We even bumped in to another wedding photographer while we were there as they were having their family group photos taken in the park.

There are so many lovely features in both Miller and Avenham Parks that make for some lovely photos. That Japanese garden is a particular favourite of mine as it always looks so photogenic so Ann and Tom spent a bit of time snuggling up to each other on bridge and I took some photographs of them over the pond. We then took a stroll down the tree lined path that forms part of the Preston Guild Wheel cycle path and waited patiently for it to be clear enough to get a photo where it looks like they were there alone. Easier said than done on a very busy Saturday afternoon in Preston's biggest park.

I was already really looking forward to Ann and Tom's wedding but having seen how wonderfully happy they are together I can tell it's going to be a great day.

Photography by Rob Georgeson Photography - Preston Wedding Photographer