Hillbark Hotel & Spa | Retirement Party


Throughout our working lives I doubt if many of us give too much thought to retirement but when the time comes to leave work behind you and you start taking your pension it’s always a very good excuse to have a celebration and that’s exactly what Jeanette planned for her husband Chris when he retired from his role as Finance Director of several companies he had an involvement in.


Chris was born on the Wirral in Merseyside where he trained as an accountant and began working for a company in Liverpool. After becoming fully qualified in the late 1970’s Chris’ career continued to develop. Having had the chance to speak to some of Chris’ former colleagues at his retirement party it is clear that Chris was not only well liked but also looked up to by everyone because of his ability to work magic with the company finances and be able to explain complex balance sheets and investment opportunities so everyone could understand them.


With his successful career continuing to grow, Chris took the decision to go and live in the much warmer climate of Miami, Florida where he could continue his work at his various companies in Liverpool thanks to the internet, video conferencing and phone calls to keep in touch. It was over in Florida where Chris and Jeanette started their family where they now have 4 children and 5 grandchildren all of whom travelled over from America as a surprise to help celebrate Chris’ retirement. Chris was also joined at the stunning Hillbark Hotel and Spa on the Wirral by a selection of his closest colleagues from a selection of companies such as Robert Smith Steels, Road Range and Mann Island Finance as well and his friends.


Hillbark Hotel & Spa is the UK’s smallest 5 Star hotel which is synonymous with style, luxury and service and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Starting out on the rear terrace with the sun slowly setting over the lovely views of the Dee estuary and North Wales countryside, the guests later went in to the Great Hall which is the hotel’s most iconic space. The Great Hall boasts some of the finest features in the house, from the exquisite Minstrels Gallery, to William Morris stained glass windows and stunning huge Elizabethan fireplace, it’s a truly amazing place for a celebration.

Rob, what great pictures!! Thank you for your services and professionalism and I appreciate you turning them around so quickly also. I think they look great, they really capture the spirit of the event. Thanks again, cheers, Chris.
— Chris & Jeanette

Photography by Rob Georgeson Photography | Lancashire Wedding Photographer