Tankersley Manor Wedding | Katie & Tom

Ashton Memorial Wedding Photographer

A few days before Christmas I ventured over the hills to the stunning Tankersley Manor in Yorkshire for Katie and Tom’s winter wedding.

Set just outside Barnsley this historic, 17th century manor house hotel boasts some incredible views of the Peak District and even the slightly grey and drizzly weather couldn’t distract from its beautiful location.

I started the day with Katie. She was getting ready with her bridesmaids in one of the Manor’s beautiful hotel rooms. I love the air of anticipation during bridal prep. Everyone is enjoying getting pampered and you can really feel their excitement building as the ceremony draws closer.

As the girls put the finishing touches to their makeup my assistant Kieran was spending some time with Tom over at the other side of the hotel with his groomsmen. They’d spent most of the morning figuring out how to tie their ties and put their buttonholes on. This is pretty typical behaviour during groom prep. Luckily a few videos on YouTube were used to help them out.

Crook Barn wedding ceremony

Katie and Tom’s wedding ceremony took place in Crook Barn where the wooden beams were adorned with fairy lights and the rustic brickwork looked beautiful. It was the perfect setting for their winter wedding. Christmas trees lined Katie’s walk to the ceremony room, adding to the festive atmosphere.

The ceremony itself was lovely and intimate, Tom had a huge grin on his face when he saw Katie walk down the aisle, she looked absolutely stunning. Neither of them stopped smiling for the rest of the day. They walked out of the room to the sound of cheers and whoops from all their guests, and there were hugs aplenty from everyone. That’s always one of my favourite moments of the day, there’s so much joy for the newly weds and it makes for great photos.

Winter wedding at Tankersley Manor

The beauty of a winter wedding is that the couple don’t spend days before their big day worrying about the weather. We’re so used to cold, rainy winters here in the UK that everyone knows anything else is a bonus. While the guests made their way into the Tankersley Suite Katie, Tom and I managed to spend a little time around the venue for some portraits.

As everyone was enjoying their wedding breakfast I started planning some unique shots for the couple. This is the time where I get my lighting equipment out and start planning a few photos. By planning ahead I can get everything set up and the couple don’t need to be out in the cold for more than a couple of minutes. After a few dances Katie and Tom were more than happy to have a bit of a break and followed me outside for this spectacular night time shot.

I loved being a part of Katie and Tom’s wedding. If you’re planning your own Tankersley Manor wedding then please get in touch.