The Hangout with The Lawsons and The Crawleys

Lancashire Wedding Photographer


Towards the back end of each wedding season I like to book myself on a training course or workshop to try and improve not just my wedding photography but my photography in general and my creativity. This year's workshop was one arranged by Peter and Laura Lawson and Liam and Bee Crawley who are well known within the wedding photography industry as being up there with the absolute best of the best in the UK if not in the world.


Their Hangout workshop was designed to be a bit different from any other training course or workshop. Pete, Laura, Liam and Bee are all very relaxed and friendly people. They are the best of friends away from their photography so they wanted the workshop to reflect their fun personalities. The workshop was hosted at The Trof in Manchester which is a very chilled and comfy bar in the Northern Quarter.

Photography on the streets of Manchester

The workshop was very extensive and covered a run through of each of the couples shooting styles, as well as their techniques, thought processes, marketing, branding, editing, websites and pretty much everything that has got them to where they are today at the very top of their market. We also had a brief walk out on to the streets of Manchester where Liam & Bee then Pete & Laura took it in turns to pose for a few photos to show how easy it can be to get high quality photos in double quick time in almost any situation. I mainly took the opportunity to stand back and watch them at work but I did manage a few photos which you can see below.


It would be a bit of a stretch to say I’ll be shooting weddings in a different style in the future, I’ll still continue to photograph weddings in a very relaxed and casual style but this workshop and the way I’ve been able to watch other people’s shooting styles has shown me how I can potentially be a bit more creative and how to get the very best out of the less than ideal locations that some wedding venues provide.