Your Wedding details

As your wedding is just a few short weeks away, I’m hoping all the final arrangements and plans are now in place so it’s a good time for you to let me know some of the things I’ll need to know on the day. We may have already covered some of this information in previous discussions but sometimes the details change so I want to be certain that everything is correct.

I’d be grateful if you could please complete and submit the form below and if I have any further questions then I’ll be in touch. If you have a detailed timeline and a list of family group photos in a separate document, please feel free to e-mail them to me in addition to completing this form.

Details of your Wedding Day
Please be aware of the package you have booked (6, 10 or 14 hours) when suggesting a start time. It may be easier to work backwards from the first dance time.
This can be the same time as above or a little later if required.
If your ceremony and receptions are at different locations, which would be your preferred location for these photos?
I recommend keeping this list relatively short to make sure we don’t keep everyone standing around for a long time however if you would like more of these photos, that is perfectly fine if your timeline allows for it. If you already have your list in a separate document, feel free to e-mail it to me instead.
This is not compulsory but it can be a long day for us and we will need to eat so I just need to know if I should bring a packed lunch with me.
This is usually immediately after the cutting of the cake so feel free to put the same time as above if this is the case.
If for any reason your current timeline means you may need to upgrade your photography package to cover a longer period of time, please feel free to contact me to discuss and we can work something out.
It's always nice to know who I'm working with as I often provide photos to them after the wedding so if you could list the names of the companies providing the flowers, the dress, the cake, the band etc that would be great!