Preston Marriott Hotel Wedding | Ann & Tom's Preview

Ann and Tom were married at the gorgeous St Luke’s church in Hest Bank just north of Lancaster. With the church being barely 100 yards from where Ann lives with her family in a small village it seemed like an obvious choice for their wedding. Unfortunately for me as a photographer I was given very strict instructions by the female vicar that I wasn’t allowed towards the front of the church for anything other than the bride walking down the aisle after which I was restricted to the back of the church and a very poor view from the side. This is the first time in my wedding photography career I’ve had such strict restrictions put on me but I always abide by the house rules and do the best I can. I’ve picked a few of the best from the church as the sneak peek of Ann and Tom’s wedding pending the full storyboard from the day which will be posted in the next few days once the newlyweds have had a chance to see their photos first. So please check back soon for more from this wedding.

Photography by Rob Georgeson Photography - Lancashire Wedding Photographer